Following Your Passion

Following Your Passion

Deciding to become an actor or actress might sound crazy to some, but to you it’s a natural progression to share who you are with the world.  You just have to find the right place to start.

Los Angeles

Coming to LA sounds like a scene from a movie.  Things here move fast.  It’s a big place that connects all people from all walks of life.  When you move here it can be overwhelming…  Intimidating, really.

As an actor it is harder because you don’t know where to start, developing your craft, getting into classes and looking for experience on set or on stage.  That’s where we come in…

At Hollywood Film & Acting Academy, we are here to help you get adjusted to life not only as an actor, but life in LA!  We help nurture your passion and begin to turn it into a career.  We cut out the time you would spend searching for housing, classes and trying to learn how to market yourself to casting directors.

Being an actor or actress takes motivation, preparation and persistence.  Preparation is something we can help you with…  Motivation and persistence is something you have to bring with you and hold on to.  I’ll save that for the next entry.

Until then…

“Follow your passion and live your dream!”          

                 Hollywood Film & Acting Academy


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