You Have To Want IT!

Wanting IT!

When you decided to become an actor you have made a decision some might find fascinating or a big mistake.  Those of us that have chosen to follow our dreams know this all to well.

Everyday when you wake up, it’s up to you.  You have to motivate yourself to find different ways to promote your talents and seek out creative outlets to fuel your dreams.

This is tricky…

If you watch programs about actors and singers, anything creative they show you the times they are having fun, relaxing waiting for the next gig or movie to come along.  That’s great…  That is what you strive for.  That’s what making it is all about.


When you are first starting out in your career it’s hard to stay motivated and focused, especially here in LA.  Everything here, tends to pull your focus from what you strive for.  Don’t get me wrong, LA is great, but always keep in mind your creative drive and passion.

Don’t Get Comfortable.  

Let me explain….  Once you get comfortable you start to loose focus and that’s natural.  But, remember you only have six months, here at HWFAA, to prove not only to yourself, but those people that you have back home that you can pursue and achieve your passion to become a working actor, doing plays, indie films and shorts, commercials and anything else that you can show off your wares to.

It Goes Fast

I have said it once and I’ll say it again…

Six months seems like a long time, but in LA those 6 months are like dog years, so really you only have a short amount of time to get yourself together, perfecting your craft and prepping for the very near future.

So…  Stay focused…  Don’t get to comfortable…  And get ready for the best 6 months of your new life…

Welcome to Hollywood Film & Acting Academy


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